The newly built Canyon Crossing at Riverwalk provides 180 affordable homes in Midvale, Utah, just south of Salt Lake City.


The 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom homes feature Utah’s first geothermal heating and cooling for an apartment community – a green and cost-effective way of transferring heat to and from the Earth – along with plentiful outdoor options: a playground, basketball court, covered pavilion, community garden and a fenced-in dog park.


“Enterprise has been a great partner and a very valuable resource. Their knowledge and expertise are unsurpassed. We have truly enjoyed our relationship with Enterprise.”
– Michael Plaizier, Executive Director,
Housing Plus


“I Feel Like It’s Home”

Cameron Owen starts his workday at 6 p.m. From sunset to sunrise, he works as a materials handler at a nearby medical device company. When he gets off at 6 a.m., he drives to college to pursue a degree in business management. Sleep comes in the afternoon. His wife Callie manages a similarly crowded, if more conventional schedule. With three children – a 2-year-old and 5-year-old twins – spare time is a precious commodity.

When asked about their biggest challenge, Callie doesn’t hesitate: “Making sure there’s enough money for everything.”

The Owens have figured out a way to make it work. They keep their expenses in check. Instead of costly activities, they opt for free recreation like walks to the park and trips to the playground. And they discovered the affordable homes at Canyon Crossing.

After moving into their new home in early 2015, the Owens gained a third bedroom, greener and more cost-efficient utilities, including geothermal heating and cooling, and more modern features at Canyon Crossing – all at a comparable rent to their former apartment. Along with helping them keep their heads above water financially, their new home is a source of pride.

Asked what they like most, Cameron and Callie cite a list of features: the central air, the hardwood floors, the finishes, the curb appeal, playground, barbeque and the large field where the kids can play.

Like all residents, the Owens also partake in the stunning views. To the east, the Wasatch Mountains cut a sheer line across the horizon. To the southwest, the Oquirrh Mountains form a rolling perimeter around the Salt Lake basin. Families like the Owens can take a quick ride to a nearby hiking trail or ski slope, or take in the panoramic views from the mountain tops.

“If you go to our old apartment versus here,” Callie says, “you would say: ‘Wow, you really moved up in life!’”

As Cameron pursues his degree, the Owens plan to stay at Canyon Crossing at Riverwalk until they’re able to buy a house. They joke that they’re so happy with their home that they often forget they’re in an apartment.

“I can see us staying here for a very long time,” Callie says. “It’s nice. It’s safe. Management’s really on top of things. I feel like it’s home.”

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