A Message from our Leadership

At Enterprise, we work toward a clear vision: One day, every person will live in an affordable home in a vibrant community, filled with promise and the opportunity for a good life.


At this moment, nearly 19 million people spend more than half of their paychecks just to keep a roof over their heads. Many are cut off from opportunity – and basic necessities like grocery stores – because of where they live. Their homes – in many cases their entire neighborhoods – are disconnected from good schools, jobs, transit and health care. Their lives can feel like a constant swirl of anxiety around paying the next bill and keeping the lights on. They can’t plan for the future because they’re worried about tomorrow.


Amid this daily turmoil, what better solution – what more stabilizing force – is there than a quality, affordable place to call home?

For over three decades, Enterprise has worked to create opportunity for low- and moderate-income people through affordable homes. We’re guided by the belief that an affordable home is the essential platform to opportunity in life, and to moving out of poverty.

That’s why Enterprise is committed to creating homes that are affordable to low-income families; available in markets where the supply gap is growing; healthy, well-designed and sustainable; and connected to good schools, jobs, transit and health care.


Saint Luke’s is a multigenerational living and learning campus.

In 2015, working with our partners in communities all over the country, Enterprise invested $4.8 billion to create more than 18,200 healthy affordable homes, over 25,000 jobs and other vital community assets that connect people to opportunity. But the numbers tell only part of the story.

To really understand the impact, consider Saint Luke’s Manor in Cleveland. Once at the center of blight on Cleveland’s East Side, Saint Luke’s has been transformed into an anchor for the neighborhood: the site of 137 affordable homes for seniors as well as a 70,000-square foot learning campus which hosts a top-performing charter school, after-school programs through the local Boys and Girls Club and affordable office space for other nonprofits.

It is efforts like Saint Luke’s which, thanks to the powerful collaboration of many – including partners like you – help transform disinvested neighborhoods into healthy, vibrant places.

Working together, we look forward to the day when every person has a quality, affordable home in a diverse and thriving community, connected to the opportunity for a good life.

Terri L. Ludwig
President & CEO
Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

J. Ronald Terwilliger
Chairman of the Board
Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

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